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Thursday, August 29, 2013


                                                                                                                                                            Boat Pinisi : traditional sailing ship is a native of Indonesia , precisely derived from Bugis from Sulawesi city of Makassar in the south of the village of Bira district precisely Bonto Bulukumba Bahari . Pinisi actually a screen name . These ships generally have two main masts and seven screens , three on the front end , two in front and two behind ; generally used for the transport of goods between islands . The two main masts by 2 Shahada and seven different pieces of the screen is the number of surah Al - Fatihah . Pinisi is a ship that uses a type of display screen schooner with two poles with seven strands of the screen and also has a meaning that the ancestors of the Indonesian nation capable mengharungi seven great oceans of the world. Pinisi timber ship has been used in Indonesia since a few centuries ago , is expected to ship phinisi existed before the 1500s . The legend says that in the 14th century , first made by Pinisi Sawerigading , Crown Royal Luwu to sail to China had wanted to woo Princess of China ( Chinna ) who named We Cuday.                                     
Sawerigading successfully to the country of China and married Princess Cudai . After a long stay in the country of China , Sawerigading back to country pages using Pinisinya to Luwu . Towards the entrance waters Luwu big wave hit the ship and Pinisi split three stranded in the village of Ara , Tanah Lemo and Bira . Three village communities are then assemble fragments of the ship into the boat which was later renamed Pinisi . Ara man is the maker of the hull , in the Land of the ship Lemo assembled and the Bira who designed the ship into the screen Pinisi and seventh born of thinking people Bira .

That said , Pinisi name is taken from the name of someone skilled boat builders who named Pinisi itself. Once when he sailed past the coast of Bira . He saw a series of ships around the ocean there , he was later reprimanded one of the ship captains who used the screen that still need to be improved . Since then the people Bira thinking and designing screens and finally shaped in such a way that Pinisi screen like this . Hence the warning on the screen giving the Bira people with the name Pinisi .

Until now shipbuilding / boat Pinisi still do because of the existence of phinisi ship is still a need to serve the needs of the people who spread to scluded - specific parts of the waters of Indonesia islands not reached them operate government projects independently by the local community . It's just that now ships phinisi many are using the engine / motors as propulsion , thus the history of the origin of the vessel in the waters phinisi Indonsia , Although even the Indonesian government began using ships with the latest technology , but still develop screen Pinisi ship to sail the ocean until to other countries .

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