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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Nembrala Beach: This beach is also a favorite of surfers, beach Nambrela one of the beaches on the island of Rote, Rote Island itself is located at the southern tip of Indonesia, this region belongs to the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia. You can take a trip from Bali towards the city of Kupang El Tari airport. Then traveled to the island of Rote. There are two methods that you can perform crossing from Port Tenau to Rote Island is by taking the ferry to the New Beach (Port in Rote Island) where the journey is about 3-4 hours or by using the fast boat to the city takes about Ba'a 40-60 minutes. If you take a trip to the New Beach, then you must continue the journey by car to Ba'a followed by a trip to Nembara about 1.5 hours.

Nembrala famous beach with waves, lots of surfers visit this beach to challenge the waves from the beach nembrala. The waves at this beach international scale, therefore many foreign tourists to visit this beach. This beach is not too crowded, just a few visits on weekends and long holidays. The coast increasingly being developed for tourism, many facilities are now on offer, such as multiple lodging options that can be used by visitors, with various rates. Ranging from hotels to homestays. Although the facilities are a bit limited, but Nembrala Beach, East Nusa Tenggara deserve thumbs up by your visitors, including exact.

Nembrala beaches have white sand, the beach is also touted as the Kuta Rote Island, you can see the beauty of the fabulous beaches plus the charm of the township is overgrown palm trees, white sand continues to extend.

Lake Kerinci beautiful and fascinating

Lake Kerinci : If you come to Jambi province do not forget to stop by the Lake Kerinci lake looks so beautiful in addition to having a beautiful panorama here also weather was very cool because they are located right at the foot of Mount King , this lake is located in the two districts , the Lake District Around Lake Kerinci District , Kerinci regency , Jambi province , Indonesia .

Kerinci Lake has an area of ​​4,200 hectares with a water depth of 110M and 783M is located at an altitude above sea level . The lake is storing many types of fish . Mahseer fish is the most popular type and is also an endemic fish . In addition to beautiful scenery , interaction with communities around the lake also serves impression for visitors , such as the fishermen who catch fish using traditional tools such as tangguk fishing rods , nets , nets , and fish trap . If you are lucky , when fishermen landed , visitors can buy fresh fish below the market price .
Lake Kerinci  which covers tens hektaare air cool , annually made ​​location Concerned Citizens of Lake Kerinci Festival which has become a tourist agenda every year .

In the festival's various activities and interesting attractions was held in an effort to attract tourists to visit Kerinci regency which is about 400 Km from the city of Jambi .

Besides the lake , there are other interesting tourist sites in the area are:
Pesanggarahan area , where we could see the view from the top of Lake Kerinci .
Tanjung Hatta , Bung Hatta place enjoys panoramic views of Lake Kerinci and plant trees there .
Laheik home , a typical house in the village of Kerinci Seleman ,
Dolmen Batu Raja as the site of Antiquities and the Sacred Mosque in the village of Middle Island Middle Island
Around Lake Kerinci also contained a number of carved stone megalitic suspected human remains or relics of antiquity .

The journey to Lake Kerincican be done in three alternative pathways . The main thing is the path towards the River Full Jambi , the second track is from the city of Padang to Tapan and the last is from the paddock to the Muaralabuh .

If you traveled to the City of Edinburgh , do not have to worry about the problem of accommodation . Yeah around Lake Kerinci available so many jasmine-class hotel with affordable rates .

Cimaja surf coast

Cimaja Beach : One of the beautiful beaches that are Cimaja village , Pelabuhanratu , Kotamadiya Sukabumi , jawabarat Province , Indonesia . This beach also has a very big waves suitable for surfing enthusiast tourist area is likely to turn into an international -class tourist destination with quality waves already global .

Cimaja Beach is its location close to Jakarta you can reach it by land use bus or rental car is approximately 3-4 hours drive . Ilham Santosa , business owners Cimaja surfing provider , said the popularity of beach Cimaja comparable to the beaches in the world . Cimaja Beach are often used for surfing competitions such as the Gold Coast Beaches in Autralia .

" Waves at the beach Cimaja big enough for surfing . Local tourists or foreign tourists who are looking for waves to surf in Indonesia it will come to the beach Cimaja , " Waves on the beach with the waves not less Cimaja Lakey Dompu shore .

Beach waves and beaches Cimaja large who deal directly with the Indian Ocean is only suitable for sports Husus or surfing enthusiast and be harmful to local wistawan bring children or family .

Popularity Cimaja Beach as a world-class surfing locations have been shown to often convening surfing competition held by foreign international level this beach .

" Every year there is always a surfing event , no less than five races . Usually they are often held here [ foreigners ] are always working with the local people of Jakarta .

When compared with Bali , Beach Cimaja less promoted by the government of Indonesia , Bali has tourist points are more numerous and have been promoted by its tourism potential well , so that the tourists have a lot more travel options .

Cimaja Beach only has large waves that are only suitable for surfing enthusiast can not be compared with Bali , but if you're a true surfing enthusiast and want to prove your surfing skills this is the place to test your guts PantaiCimaja please come to conquer big waves this beach .

Estimated the number of foreign tourists who come to the beach Cimaja about 500 people each year and for more local travelers choose Pelabuhan Ratu beach as a family tourist spot with beautiful white sand and friendly waves .

Interested to try surfing in the beach Cimaja please come to Indonesia you can start the journey from the city of Jakarta , Indonesia . From Jakarta you can rent a car , bus or taxi to the city of Jakarta you Pelabuhanratu of Pelabuhanratu to Cimaja only takes 30 minutes to the beach Cimaja so hopefully this info is useful .


Bengkulu there was one of the city's name.Which was also the name of one of the provinces in Indonesia. If you take a trip to Indonesia and visit one named Bengkulu province, do not miss to visit one attraction this one is Fort Marlborough. Fort Marlborough is a relic of British colonial history of the region's biggest asia.     Marlborough fort stands proudly and facing south, covers an area of ​​31.5 hectares.One attraction of this fort has a typical 18th century in the form of a turtle. Location of the center of town adjacent to the fortress Chinese Village, which is also the area attractions. This fort was built in 1714 - 1719 under the leadership of Governor Joseph Collet. In one of the castle's rooms once inhabited Refublik first Indonesian President Ir. Sukarno when he was serving a sentence exhaust Dutch colonial period.The building is so Atua historical evidence that the British royal government on land once ruled the land of Sumatra island. After independence Fort Marlborough restored by the government and became one of the attractions of Bengkulu site

Friday, September 20, 2013


Lakey Beach : Is this name familiar your ears ? Try to be remembered if you 've heard the name Lakey beach , In your mind must be wondering where this beach is , if you do not know I will explain a bit of information about who has the character Lakey Beach waves are very rare in the world . Have you ever heard the term waves left-handed ? If you have not and would like to see or even challenged to conquer the surf then go to Lakey . While this is indeed the majority of which came to Lakey Beach is like Worldwide tourists from Australia , South America , United States , and others . This beach is located in District Hu'u , Dompu , West Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia .

Lakey Beach is actually one of the famous beaches as one of the best surfing areas and unique in the world . What is unique ? The waves appeared to have a sweep toward the left instead of to the right , in common . This uniqueness also in fact been fulfilled with the beauty of the beach that has become a byword especially among surfing enthusiasts . Copy it , the sea breeze is fairly strong in this region also supports the activities of surfing , wind surfing , or kite surfing .

Lakey Beach has waves were fairly stable throughout the year ( not affected by season ) and hence the number of times a location for world-class surfing competitions . Dozens of participants of this competition usually comes from different parts of the world and Indonesia .

Advantages offered by the tourist beaches Lakey actually can be seen in the center of Dompu , marked by a statue of a man in surfing .

For the surfing enthusiast ( surfing ) , large waves and high waves is most desirable but Lakey Beach is not too high ( around 6-8 meters ) just so challenging as to be conquered with a left-handed direction of the waves that require special expertise . Foreign tourists had come all the way to the beach in the South of Sumbawa Island to try berselancarnya expertise .

Lakey has four types of waves are touted by the peselancarnya , the Lakey Peak , Cobble Stones , Lakey Pipe , and Periscope . The most challenging types and is great for surfing the Lakey Peak presents a challenge because of the waves of the left and right ; shaped tunnel on the left side of the long , while on the right side in the form of the waves are perfect for surfing .

DOK INDONESIA.TRAVEL Lakey in Dompu , West Nusa Tenggara .
Of coastal white sandy beaches , scenic escape Lakey Beach dominated the blue expanse of ocean water as blue as the sky that shelter . Sound waves that break into the media for surfers to try his ability . Let alone to beratraksi above floorboards , to see the surfers ketetampilan is enough fun .

April to October

April to October is the best time to visit this beach , especially the highlight of the visit took place in April-May. At these moments , these beaches will be visited by approximately 300 foreign tourists to spend weeks or even months living there . The natural beauty and challenging waves are indeed very interesting to be visited by surfers .

Besides surfing , you can also swim off the coast , but should be careful to remember the waves were quite fierce . Dangerous rocks there are also many coastal Area . However , the clear sea water and coral reefs allows you to do snorkeling activities .

If you are bored surfing or swimming , not far from the line Lakey Beach , there is also a Japanese heritage cave that is located on a hill facing directly to the beach . From the top of this hill , really fascinating view of the beach . There is also a website that supposedly Nangasia thought to have existed since the year 4500 before Christ ; marking historic sites that have no advanced civilization in the region Dompu .

You can also do this journey through the waters around Lakey by using a charter boat . Fishing from a boat is quite interesting to do . If you 're lucky , when you cruise with this boat might see dolphins who happened to be passing .

How ? Interested or feel challenged to conquer the waves lefty shore as surfers Lakey true you may wonder if you have not been to Lakey in Dompu , West Nusa Tenggara . Indonesia please start the first trip of the city of Bima .

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Halo sobat selamat datang diblog saya,Saya cuma ingin berbagi pengalaman kepada teman-teman netter pengguna atau pelanggan Modem Smartfren ini cuma pengalaman pribadi saya sebagai pengguna modem smartfren,kesal karena loading nya lemot dan teman-teman ingin mendapatkan koneksi internetnya cepat, kita bisa menggunakan DNS Server alternatif.

Berikut DNS yang bisa digunakan pada modem smart :

(1). Google Public DNS
a). Untuk Preferred DNS server isikan dengan DNS servers: ( tulis dengan )
b). Untuk Alternate DNS server isikan dengan DNS servers: ( tulis dengan ).

(2). OpenDNS
a). Untuk Preferred DNS server isikan dengan DNS servers: ( tulis dengan )
b). Untuk Alternate DNS server isikan dengan DNS servers: ( tulis dengan )

(3). Level 3
a). Untuk Preferred DNS server isikan dengan DNS servers: ( tulis dengan )
b). Untuk Alternate DNS server isikan dengan DNS servers: ( tulis dengan )

Buka tab setting pada user interface modem anda, dan masukkan salah satu settingan DNS di atas, mudah2an bisa menbantu anda mendapatkan layanan internet cepat,Ok agan-agan silakan coba mudah-mudahan bermanfaat

Friday, September 6, 2013


Derawan Islands : It is an archipelago located in the district of Berau , East Kalimantan,Indonesia . On the island there are a number of charming nautical tourism , one of which is in great demand Underwater Parks foreign tourists, especially divers world class .
                                                                                                                                                      Derawan Islands has three districts namely , Derawan Island , Maratua , the Big Dipper and the Big Dipper , Berau .
There are at least four well-known island in the archipelago , namely Maratua , Derawan , Charitable , and inhabited by endangered species Kakaban green and hawksbill turtles .
                                                                                                                                              Geographically , it is located on a peninsula north of Berau regency marine waters consisting of several islands of Long Island , Island Raburabu , Samama Island , Island Charitable , Kakaban , Nabuko Island , Pulau Derawan Island Maratua and coral reefs as well as some Muaras charred , scorched Pinaka , Buliulin charred , scorched Masimbung , and charred Tababinga .
                                                                                                                                                                Derawan Islands there are several small islands and coastal ecosystems is very important that coral reefs , seagrass beds and mangrove forest ( mangrove forests ) . In addition, many species that are protected in the Islands Derawan like green turtles , hawksbill turtles , whales , dolphins , clams , coconut crabs , mermaids , fish, barracuda and a few other species .
The islands of Derawan Islands

The islands are there in the Islands Derawan numbering about 31 islands and atolls and some charred .
The islands are scattered in three coastal districts , namely District Derawan, Maratua District and Sub - Dipper Big Dipper . Wide islands are :
Derawan Islands

Land use of the island by the local community was limited to the township . In addition , land in the island Derawan Islands is still in the form of mangrove forests , thickets , forests Maratua lime in the coconut and vegetation .
Coral reef in Derawan Islands are widespread on the entire island and sandbar that is in Derawan Islands . Scorched - footed existing in these islands include Long Island Sandbar , Sandbar Masimbung , Gosong Buliulin , Gosong Pinaka , and Burnt Burnt Tababinga Muaras .
Type of coral reef in Derawan Islands consist of fringing , barrier reefs and atolls . This atoll that has been formed into the island and formed into a salt water lake . " Manta Tow Survey 2003" shows an average cover of coral reefs in Long Island is 24.25 % to 34.88 for hard corals and reef life . Coral reef in Derawan Island has an average coral cover of hard corals 17.41 % and 27.78 % live coral cover . With the amount of 460 to 470 species show that has become a wealth of biodiversity . Interested to see Derawan Island and feel of the cool air this dikepulauan please come to Kalimantan Indonesia you can start the journey from the city of Samarinda .

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Kecak / Ketjack: Dance is a typical Balinese performing arts, Indonesia, which was created in 1930 and played mainly by men. This dance is usually performed by many (tens or more) male dancers who sat lined circular and with a certain rhythm called the sound "Cak .. Cak .. Cak" and raised both arms, depicting the Ramayana or the story when Rama's line of apes help fight Ravana. However, Kecak Trance ritual comes from, ie dancers dance traditions will be in unconscious condition or the conditions under conscious (Trance), to communicate with God or the spirits of the ancestors and then convey their expectations to the public.

The dancers are seated in a circle is wearing plaid cloth like a chessboard their waist worn. Besides the dancers, there were other dancers who portray the characters of Ramayana as Rama, Shinta, Ravana, Hanuman, and Sugriva

Kecak dance songs taken from the ritual dances sanghyang. In addition, do not use musical instruments. Only used kincringan worn on the feet of dancers who portray the characters of Ramayana.

Around the 1930s Wayan modulus worked with German painter Walter Spies to create the Kecak dance is based on the tradition of Trance and parts of the story of Ramayana. Wayan modulus popularizing this dance while traveling the world with his troupe of Balinese dancers more interested to see the Kecak dance of close please come to the city of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia so thank you hope this brief info

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Reog is one of the cultural arts that originated from East Java and the northwest Ponorogo Reog regarded as the true home town . Ponorogo city gate was decorated by Warok and gemblak figure , two figures who have appeared at the time reog displayed . Reog is one of the local culture in Indonesia is still very thick with the smell of things mystical and powerful mysticism .

Reog Ponorogo performances in 1920. Reog addition , there is also a dancer and bujangganong braid horses .
There are many versions of the popular story that developed in the community about the origin of Reog and Warok , however one of the most dominant story is the story of the rebellion Ki Ageng lice , a royal servant during King Kertabhumi , last ruling King of Majapahit in the 15th century . Ki Ageng lice will anger the powerful influence of the Majapahit king's wife who came from China , but it is also their rebellion to his king in a corrupt government , he also saw that the power of the Majapahit kingdom will end . He then left the king and established the college where he taught martial arts to young children , science self immunity , and the science of perfection in the hope that these young children will be the seed of the resurrection of the Majapahit kingdom back . Aware that his army is too small to fight the royal troops Ki Ageng political message is conveyed through the performing arts Lice Reog , which is a " satire " to King Kertabhumi and his kingdom . Performances Reog become Ki Ageng Fleas way to build local community resistance using Reog popularity .
                                                                                                                                                                    In the show Reog displayed mask lion-shaped head , known as "Singa Barong " , king of the jungle , which became a symbol for Kertabhumi , and above it is plugged in peacock feathers to resemble a giant fan that symbolize the strong influence of his Chinese colleagues who manage the over all motion - geriknya . Jatilan , played by a group of dancers gemblak a piggyback ride became a symbol of the power of the Majapahit Empire troops into comparison contrasts with Warok force , behind the red clown mask that became the symbol for Ki Ageng Fleas , alone and sustain weight that reached more masks Singabarong of 50 kg using only his teeth . Ki Ageng Fleas Reog popularity eventually led to Bhre Kertabhumi perguruannya take action and strike , rebellion by Warok quickly overcome , and forbidden to continue teaching college will Warok . But the disciples Ki Ageng lice continues it secretly . However, Reognya art itself is still allowed to be staged because the show has become popular among the public , but the story has a new groove in which the added characters from folklore Kelono Sewandono Ponorogo namely , the Goddess Songgolangit , and Sri Genthayu .
                                                                                                                                                              The official version Reog Ponorogo storyline now is the story of King Ponorogo who intend applying for daughter Kediri , Dewi Ragin Yellow , but on the way he was intercepted by King Singabarong of Kediri . King Singabarong forces consist of peacocks and lions , while the King of the Kingdom of Ponorogo and his Deputy Kelono Bujang Anom , escorted by Warok ( men dressed in black in the dance ) , and this has Warok deadly black magic . The whole dance is a dance of war between the Kingdom and the Kingdom of Kediri Ponorogo , and pitted black magic between them , the dancers in a state of " trance " dance when performed .
Until now people Ponorogo only follow what is their heritage as a very rich cultural heritage . In his experience art is copyright Reog human creations that form the flow of confidence that there were hereditary and awake . The ceremony also use terms that are not easy for lay people to fill in the absence of a clear lineage . they embrace Parental lineage and customary law still applies .
Art Reog staging Reog Ponorogo

Modern Reog usually performed in several events such as weddings , circumcisions and National holidays . Art Reog Ponorogo consists of several series of 2 to 3 dances opening . The first dance is usually performed by a 6-8 guy valiantly with black clothes , with faces painted red . The dancers depict the figure of a brave lion . The next dance is performed by 6-8 girl who climbed the horse . At reog Traditionally, dancers are usually played by male dancers who dressed women . This dance is called dance lesson braid or jathilan , which must be distinguished from other dances that lumping horse dance .
Other opening dance if there is usually a dance by a little boy who brought the funny scenes called Bujang Ganong or Ganongan .
                                                                                                                                                            After the opening dance finished , the new core scenes whose content is displayed depends reog condition in which the art is displayed. If dealing with the wedding scene shown is romance . For the celebration of circumcision or circumcision , usually warrior story ,
Art scene in reog usually do not follow a neat scenario . Here there is always interaction between the players and the puppeteer ( usually the leader of the group ) and sometimes with the audience . Sometimes a player who is performing can be replaced by another player when that player fatigue . The first importance in the staging reog art is to give satisfaction to the audience .
The a lion barong , where the actors wore masks shaped head of a lion with a crown made of peacock feathefinal scene is rs . Weight mask can reach 50-60 kg . This heavy mask carried by the dancers with teeth . The ability to bring this mask than obtained with heavy exercise , also believed diproleh with spiritual practice such as fasting and penance


                                                                                                                                                            Candi Muara Takus : It is a site which is located at the Buddhist temple in the village Barelang , District XIII Koto Kampar regency , Riau , Indonesia . The site is located approximately 135 kilometers from the city of Pekanbaru .
Barelang temple site was surrounded by a wall measuring 74 x 74 meters , which is made ​​of high white stone wall with ± 80 cm , outside their area there is also a wall of land measuring 1.5 x 1.5 kilometers, around the edge of this complex to the Kampar River sampal right . In the complex there are some buildings called temples temples eldest / old , Candi Young, Mahligai Stupa and Palangkaraya .
Archaeological experts have not been able to determine exactly when this temple site was established . Some say the fourth century , some say the seventh century , the ninth century even in the eleventh century . But this temple is considered to have been there in the golden age of Sriwijaya , so some historians consider this region is one of the administrative center of the kingdom of Srivijaya .
In 2009 Temple Barelang nominated to be one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site temple Barelang is the oldest temple site in Sumatra , the only heritage sites that shaped temple in Riau . This Buddhist temple is a proof that Buddhism once flourished in the area .
The temple is made ​​of sandstone , river stone and brick . Unlike the existing temple in Java , which is made of andesite stone taken from the mountain . Materials maker Temple Barelang , especially clay , taken from a village named Pongkai , located approximately 6 miles downstream of the site Barelang temple . Pongkai name probably derived from Chinese, means Pong hole and Kai means land , so the land can mean a hole , caused by excavation in the manufacture of the Barelang temple . Former pit that is now submerged by the reservoir inundation Hydroelectric Koto Panjang . But the Siamese language , the word is similar to Pongkai Pangkali which can mean the river , and the site of this temple is situated on the banks of the river .
The main building in the complex is a large stupa , which is largely shaped tower made ​​of brick and sandstone yellow fraction . Inside the temple site there are Barelang temple called Candi Tua , Youngest Temple , Stupa Mahligai and Palangkaraya . In addition to the building in the temple complex was also found that the mound is estimated as burning human bones . While outside this site there are also buildings ( former ) made ​​of brick , which has not been established building types .
Candi Mahligai
Mahligai Mahligai temple or stupa , a temple which is considered the most intact . The building is divided into three parts, the legs , the body , and the roof . This stupa has rectangular sketch foundation and measuring 10.6 mx 9.44 m , and has a base 28 that surrounds the temple with the entrance located next to the South . At the base there is a double lotus ornament , and at the center stands the cylindrical tower building with 36 side shaped petals on the bottom. The upper part of this building was a circle . According Snitger , first on all four corners of the foundation , there are 4 sitting lion statue made ​​of andesite stone . In addition , based on research conducted by Yzerman , formerly part of the spire are oval stone with leaf paintings and reliefs around . The building is thought to undergo two stages of development . Alleged in based on the fact that in the building that now there are foot foot building profiles long before the building is enlarged

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SASANDO : A Traditional Musical instrument Unique

Sasando : A Traditional Musical instrument , which origin Unique from Indonesia . A stringed musical instrument that is played by plucked like a guitar or Harfa . This original musical instrument originating from the island of Rote , East Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia . Literally Sasando according to the origin of the name he said in Rote , sasandu , which means tools that vibrate or beep . Sasando purportedly used in the community Rote since the 7th century . Sasando form no similarity with other instruments stringed instruments such as guitar , violin and harp .

The main part of the long tubular sasando commonly made ​​of bamboo . Then in the middle , a circle from
top to bottom are given lump - lump where the strings ( strings ) that stretched around the tube , from top to bottom rests . This wedge - wedge given point in giving a different tone to each passage strings . Its strings are usually using a rope made ​​of nylon or plastic . Then this sasando tube placed in a container made ​​from a kind of matting made ​​of palm tree leaves made ​​out like a fan . This container is where the resonant sound of the instrument Music Sasando . This instrument is made by artisans , indigenous artists from the island of Rote usually the manufacturer of this instrument , they are also adept at using or playing a musical instrumentMusical Instruments Sasando this if played by a professional can be used to accompany various types of music or any song just like Piano , Guitar and other musical instruments .

Thursday, August 29, 2013


                                                                                                                                                      Prambanan temple : the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia, which was built in the 9th century AD. This temple is dedicated to Trimurti, the three main Hindu gods are Brahma the creator god, Vishnu as the preserver god, and Shiva the god of destruction. Based on the inscription Siwagrha original name of this temple is Siwagrha (Sanskrit means 'house of Shiva'), and indeed in garbagriha (main room) this temple statue of Shiva Mahadeva dwells as high as three meters which showed that Lord Shiva in this temple are preferred.

The temple is situated in the village of Prambanan, Java island, about 20 kilometers east of Yogyakarta, 40 kilometers west of Surakarta and 120 kilometers south of Semarang, just on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta. Jonggrang Rara Candi Prambanan is located in the village whose territory is divided between the districts of Sleman and Klaten.

This temple is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, and one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia. Architecture of this building height and slender shaped in accordance with Hindu architecture in general, with the temple of Shiva as the main temple has a height reaching 47 meters in the center of the complex cluster of towering temples smaller. As one of the grandest temples in Southeast Asia, Prambanan temple is the main attraction of tourists from all over the world.

According Siwagrha inscriptions, this temple was built around the year 850 BC by King Rakai Pikatan, and continue to be developed and expanded by Balitung Maha Sambu, during the Mataram kingdom Medang.
                                                                                                                                                                               Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple and the grandest ever built in ancient Javanese kingdom of Hindu temple construction was started by Rakai Pikatan as a rival Buddhist temple Borobudur and Sewu temples are also located not far from Prambanan .
Some historians have long suspected that the construction of the great Hindu temple to mark the return to power of Java Sanjaya family , it is related to the theory of twin dynasty different competing beliefs ; namely Sanjaya dynasty Hindu and Buddhist Sailendra dynasty . Surely , with the construction of this temple marks that Hinduism Saiwa back the support of the royal family , having previously Sailendra dynasty tend to be more supportive Mahayana Buddhism . It is marked that the kingdom Medang switch focus their religious support , from Mahayana Buddhism to the cult of Shiva .The building was first built around 850 AD by Rakai Pikatan and sustainably enhanced and expanded by King Lokapala and Balitung king Maha Sambu.                                                                                                                                                            Based Siwagrha inscription dates to the year 856 AD , this shrine was built to honor the god Shiva , and the building's original name in Sanskrit is Siwagrha ( Sanskrit : Shiva - grha which means : 'House of Shiva ' ) or Siwalaya ( Sanskrit : Shiva - laya is means : ' The realm of Shiva ' or ' Natural Shiva ' ) . In this inscription mentioned that during the construction of the temple Siwagrha ongoing , carried out public works also change the water system to move the river near the temple . The river in question is the Opaque river that flows from north to south along the western side of the temple complex of Prambanan . Historians suspect that the original flow of the river curved turn eastward , and is considered too close to the temple so that the river can be dangerous erosion of the temple construction . Waterworks project is done by creating a new river that cuts sodetan curved river with the north - south axis along the west wall outside the temple complex . Used original stream then backfilled to provide land for the construction of wider row ancillary temple ( temple guardian or accompanying temple ) .Some archaeologists believe that the Shiva statue in garbhagriha ( main room ) in the temple of Shiva as the main temple is a statue of the king Balitung embodiment , the memory of the death of his statue .This building complex regularly continue to be refined by the kings of Mataram Medang next , like a king Daksha and Tulodong , and expanded by constructing additional hundreds of temples around the main temple . Because of the grandeur of this temple , Prambanan temple serves as the great kingdom of Mataram , where a main important royal ceremonies . At the height of its glory , historians suspect that hundreds of Brahmin priest and his students gathered outside the court and inhabit this temple to study the Vedas and perform various Hindu rituals and ceremonies . While the center of the kingdom of Mataram kingdom or palace is thought to lie somewhere near Prambanan in Plain Kewu.                                                                                                                                                                        
The beauty of Prambanan closer look truly amazing for anyone's eyes, Interested to see directly from the Prambanan near Yogyakarta city please come to Indonesia. It is indeed a miracle that in those days many people do not know the technology but can make such a beautiful work of art.                                                               


                                                                                                                                                            Boat Pinisi : traditional sailing ship is a native of Indonesia , precisely derived from Bugis from Sulawesi city of Makassar in the south of the village of Bira district precisely Bonto Bulukumba Bahari . Pinisi actually a screen name . These ships generally have two main masts and seven screens , three on the front end , two in front and two behind ; generally used for the transport of goods between islands . The two main masts by 2 Shahada and seven different pieces of the screen is the number of surah Al - Fatihah . Pinisi is a ship that uses a type of display screen schooner with two poles with seven strands of the screen and also has a meaning that the ancestors of the Indonesian nation capable mengharungi seven great oceans of the world. Pinisi timber ship has been used in Indonesia since a few centuries ago , is expected to ship phinisi existed before the 1500s . The legend says that in the 14th century , first made by Pinisi Sawerigading , Crown Royal Luwu to sail to China had wanted to woo Princess of China ( Chinna ) who named We Cuday.                                     
Sawerigading successfully to the country of China and married Princess Cudai . After a long stay in the country of China , Sawerigading back to country pages using Pinisinya to Luwu . Towards the entrance waters Luwu big wave hit the ship and Pinisi split three stranded in the village of Ara , Tanah Lemo and Bira . Three village communities are then assemble fragments of the ship into the boat which was later renamed Pinisi . Ara man is the maker of the hull , in the Land of the ship Lemo assembled and the Bira who designed the ship into the screen Pinisi and seventh born of thinking people Bira .

That said , Pinisi name is taken from the name of someone skilled boat builders who named Pinisi itself. Once when he sailed past the coast of Bira . He saw a series of ships around the ocean there , he was later reprimanded one of the ship captains who used the screen that still need to be improved . Since then the people Bira thinking and designing screens and finally shaped in such a way that Pinisi screen like this . Hence the warning on the screen giving the Bira people with the name Pinisi .

Until now shipbuilding / boat Pinisi still do because of the existence of phinisi ship is still a need to serve the needs of the people who spread to scluded - specific parts of the waters of Indonesia islands not reached them operate government projects independently by the local community . It's just that now ships phinisi many are using the engine / motors as propulsion , thus the history of the origin of the vessel in the waters phinisi Indonsia , Although even the Indonesian government began using ships with the latest technology , but still develop screen Pinisi ship to sail the ocean until to other countries .

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Jakarta : originated from a small port at the mouth of the Ciliwung River about 500 years ago. For centuries this port city later developed into a bustling center of international trade. Initial knowledge about Jakarta raised slightly through the various inscriptions found in the area of ​​the airport. Description of the city until the arrival of the early European explorers could say very little.
European authors report the 16th century mentions a city called Kalapa, which seems to be the main airport / city center for a Hindu kingdom called Sunda, Padjadjaran its capital, located about 40 kilometers inland, close to the town of Bogor now. The Portuguese is the biggest party of the first Europeans to come to the airport Kalapa. The city was then attacked by a youth leader, named Fatahillah, from a neighboring kingdom with Kalapa. Fatahillah to rename Sunda Kalapa Jayakarta on June 22, 1527. This date is now celebrated as the birth of the city. The Dutch came in the late 16th century and then master the Jayakarta.
Jayakarta name was changed to Batavia. Batavia natural state swampy similar to the Netherlands, their homeland. They also build canals to protect from the threat of flooding Batavia. City government activities centered around the field, located about 500 meters from the city. They built elegant town hall, which is the position of the center of the city government of Batavia. Batavia city eventually developed to the south. Rapid growth resulted in rapid deterioration state of the environment, thus forcing the Dutch authorities to move the center of government activity higher lying areas. This region is called Weltevreden. In the spirit of Indonesian nationalism proclaimed by students at Batavia in the early 20th century.
A historic decision in 1928 that initiated the Youth Pledge contains three point statement, which landed one water, one nation, and uphold the unity language: Indonesia. During the Japanese occupation (1942-1945), the name changed again to Jakarta Batavia. On August 17, 1945 Ir. Sukarno read the Proclamation of Independence of Indonesia in Jakarta, and the flag was hoisted for the first time. 
Indonesia's sovereignty was officially recognized in 1949. At that time Indonesia was also a member of the United Nations (UN). In 1966, the official name of Jakarta to obtain the capital of Indonesia. This encourages the development pace of government office buildings and embassies of friendly countries. Rapid development requires a master plan to manage the growth of the city. Since 1966, Jakarta is growing steadily into a modern metropolis. Cultural richness of the dynamic growth following a significant contribution to Jakarta became one of the leading metropolis in the 21st century.

* 14th century as a port named Sunda Kelapa Kingdom of Padjadjaran.
* June 22, 1527 by Fatahilah, changed its name to Jayakarta (the date set
Jakarta as the anniversary of the city while No. DPR decision. 6/D/K/1956).
* March 4, 1621 by the Dutch government for the first time form a town called Stad
* 1 April 1905 changed its name to 'Gemeente Batavia'.
* January 8, 1935 changed its name to Batavia Stad Gemeente.
* August 8, 1942 by Japanese renamed Jakarta Betsu Stores Shi.
* September 1945 the city government named the National Government of Jakarta.
* February 20, 1950 in Government time. Federal Pre renamed Stad
Gemeente Batavia.
* March 24, 1950 was changed to City Praj'a Jakarta.
* January 18, 1958 in Jakarta as the position is called the autonomous Regional Municipalities
Djakarta Raya.
* In 1961 with the PP. 2 in connection with Act No. 1961. 2 PNPS 1961 the Government established
Special Capital Region of Jakarta Raya.
* August 31, 1964 by Act no. 10 1964 is declared Special Capital Region
Raya Jakarta remained as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia as Jakarta.
* Tahun1999, melalaui uu No. 34 of 1999 on the provincial government's special area
the capital of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta, the name changed to local governments
dki Jakarta provincial government, the provincial level otoniminya remain and
not on wilyah city, besides dki Jakarta area is divided into 5 regions
municipalities and the county administrative thousand islands