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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Jakarta : originated from a small port at the mouth of the Ciliwung River about 500 years ago. For centuries this port city later developed into a bustling center of international trade. Initial knowledge about Jakarta raised slightly through the various inscriptions found in the area of ​​the airport. Description of the city until the arrival of the early European explorers could say very little.
European authors report the 16th century mentions a city called Kalapa, which seems to be the main airport / city center for a Hindu kingdom called Sunda, Padjadjaran its capital, located about 40 kilometers inland, close to the town of Bogor now. The Portuguese is the biggest party of the first Europeans to come to the airport Kalapa. The city was then attacked by a youth leader, named Fatahillah, from a neighboring kingdom with Kalapa. Fatahillah to rename Sunda Kalapa Jayakarta on June 22, 1527. This date is now celebrated as the birth of the city. The Dutch came in the late 16th century and then master the Jayakarta.
Jayakarta name was changed to Batavia. Batavia natural state swampy similar to the Netherlands, their homeland. They also build canals to protect from the threat of flooding Batavia. City government activities centered around the field, located about 500 meters from the city. They built elegant town hall, which is the position of the center of the city government of Batavia. Batavia city eventually developed to the south. Rapid growth resulted in rapid deterioration state of the environment, thus forcing the Dutch authorities to move the center of government activity higher lying areas. This region is called Weltevreden. In the spirit of Indonesian nationalism proclaimed by students at Batavia in the early 20th century.
A historic decision in 1928 that initiated the Youth Pledge contains three point statement, which landed one water, one nation, and uphold the unity language: Indonesia. During the Japanese occupation (1942-1945), the name changed again to Jakarta Batavia. On August 17, 1945 Ir. Sukarno read the Proclamation of Independence of Indonesia in Jakarta, and the flag was hoisted for the first time. 
Indonesia's sovereignty was officially recognized in 1949. At that time Indonesia was also a member of the United Nations (UN). In 1966, the official name of Jakarta to obtain the capital of Indonesia. This encourages the development pace of government office buildings and embassies of friendly countries. Rapid development requires a master plan to manage the growth of the city. Since 1966, Jakarta is growing steadily into a modern metropolis. Cultural richness of the dynamic growth following a significant contribution to Jakarta became one of the leading metropolis in the 21st century.

* 14th century as a port named Sunda Kelapa Kingdom of Padjadjaran.
* June 22, 1527 by Fatahilah, changed its name to Jayakarta (the date set
Jakarta as the anniversary of the city while No. DPR decision. 6/D/K/1956).
* March 4, 1621 by the Dutch government for the first time form a town called Stad
* 1 April 1905 changed its name to 'Gemeente Batavia'.
* January 8, 1935 changed its name to Batavia Stad Gemeente.
* August 8, 1942 by Japanese renamed Jakarta Betsu Stores Shi.
* September 1945 the city government named the National Government of Jakarta.
* February 20, 1950 in Government time. Federal Pre renamed Stad
Gemeente Batavia.
* March 24, 1950 was changed to City Praj'a Jakarta.
* January 18, 1958 in Jakarta as the position is called the autonomous Regional Municipalities
Djakarta Raya.
* In 1961 with the PP. 2 in connection with Act No. 1961. 2 PNPS 1961 the Government established
Special Capital Region of Jakarta Raya.
* August 31, 1964 by Act no. 10 1964 is declared Special Capital Region
Raya Jakarta remained as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia as Jakarta.
* Tahun1999, melalaui uu No. 34 of 1999 on the provincial government's special area
the capital of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta, the name changed to local governments
dki Jakarta provincial government, the provincial level otoniminya remain and
not on wilyah city, besides dki Jakarta area is divided into 5 regions
municipalities and the county administrative thousand islands

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